Understanding and Learning Rock n Roll Dance Moves

Rock and roll is a widely appreciated and loved genre of music. It marked the beginning of a new era of people and style. In a very conservative and restrained age, rock and roll was considered to be music that corrupted people. The rock music and band members made fans go crazy and try new things, for example, dance moves. The most important influence for rock and roll dance moves to this day is the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley. Elvis is widely known for his music. However, another aspect of the “king” was his dance moves. Presley’s Hip movements in dance made him rise quickly to fame in the 1950s and even helped him gain the nickname “Elvis The Pelvis.” Elvis changed the way that people danced and also how people listened to rock music.

Understanding and Learning Rock n Roll Dance Moves
Learning Rock

Rock and Roll Dance

As one of the rebellion, dances, rock and roll dancing is known to be widely known and is still practiced to this day. Rock music and rock dance include many styles and types of modern dances. There are the four-beat and six-beat rock which is different and is used in the dance. Even though rock music was only born in the 50s, it is known that most of the dance moves were there longer. An example of a dance that existed from before rock music is the swing dancing. Swing dancing is a dance that is traditionally performed to swing music, which is a more lively version of jazz music.

4 Types of Rock dances

There are many forms and types of rock dances, and each is performed differently and have different sets of difficulty.

  1. 4-beat Rock: four-beat rock is a rather simple type of dance. It can be done to any kind of rhythmic music and can also be done with a partner. This style of dance features the movement of the arms. The legwork, however, is known to be exceptionally simple making one dance to remember and try out one day.
  2. 6-beat rock: as a dance that is mainly taught in dance schools, six-beat rock dance is a very classical style of rock. Leg work is known to be immensely crucial during this dance and continuous practice is necessary to learn the smooth movements. There is a total overall of 6 beats, and eight rests throughout this dance. It is also less straightforward.
  3. Swing rock: The swing rock dance movements are a whole variety of the six-beat rock dance. But its energy comes from an unknown mix of acrobatic rock dance as well as 6-beat rock.
  4. Acrobatic rock: by far one of the most seen rock dance in movies, is acrobatic rock, this is when partners and individuals complete extraordinary feats like lifts, acrobatics and hold. This adds whole new energy to the dance; however, for some of the moves, your hands may need to be relaxed to pull off the move.
Acrobatic rock
Acrobatic rock

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