The Rise and Flourish of The World-Renowned Musical Performance – Riverdance

Riverdance is a famous iconic show when it comes to traditional dancing and performances. It has been in performance for almost twenty years and is well-known around the world. The show is a whopping duration of two hours. During which multiple shows of talent in traditional Irish step-dancing and music is displayed. It first burst on stage when it acted as an interval performance in 1994‘s Eurovision Song Contest. It was then later developed and expanded into a stage show on February 9, 1995. Ever since it opened to the world, it has earned over 450 venues all over the world and is visited and viewed by over twenty-five million people. Riverdance is considered to be the most successful and entertaining dance and music productions in the world.

History of Riverdance

This successful and very entertaining production is famous for its music. During the time where it was first introduced to the world, the music was placed in the hands of Bill Whelan and Donal Lunny. The music of the performance was a mixture of multiple modern instruments. The instruments that made up most of the music included augmenting Planxty, an Irish folk band accompanied by electric bass, drums, and other rock rhythm instruments and musical elements. The music piece is played during the performance and is usually accompanied by ballet dancers who utilize mesmerizing movements to capture the crowd’s attention.

The performance that was responsible for Riverdance’s rise to fame lasted seven minutes and was showcased to over three hundred million viewers around the world. Not only was it loved by all the people who witnessed it, but the performance also received a standing ovation from a full theatre of over four thousand people. This show of skill and breathtaking precision is often associated with Irish dancing and feature even specialized Irish dance movements. The dance steps feature a wide range of quick feet movements and powerful stomping. The dancers are not only mesmerizing to look at when they prowl across the stage with quick moves, but they are also impressively able to move in unison.

Dances on Riverdance

Over 5 DVDs have been created on the history and the performances conducted by Riverdance. Each performance and show have had different styles of dance. Each dance is titled to be derived from nature and is known to have an almost serene and very peaceful. Each performance has over twenty different dances.


Riverdance kicked off its popularity and fame by going on a tour around the united states of America. The first ever performance was at Radio City Music Hall, and the popularity of the show grew during its first year. Once the audience got a taste of the performance and wanted more, the troop moved to other cities of America starting with Chicago and moving onto Los Angeles and Boston. While the cast of the show began departing from the first tour, it was presumed that the show would end and all would be over. However, in spite of the departures, the show did go on and continued to impress audiences.

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