The All-Rounder Drummer – Drummer Explores Music

These days whenever we hear a drum, all we think about are the famous death metal bands and rock ‘n’ roll bands. Barret Martin is a Drummer who has a passion for Jazz, but the surprise is that he never let that stop him from discovering other genres. Martin has participated in multiple bands including the famous ‘Screaming Trees’ in some of their albums. When the best parts of jazz crashed into the world from Seattle, Barret Martin was in the middle of it all. Playing for the most famous bands of the 1990’s.

Detailed in the release of his book ‘The Singing Earth’ Martin writes about the extraordinary journeys that he has participated in during the late 90s. He has drummed and performed with different famous bands throughout his career. The events of his journey include playing with the mad Season and Walking Peppers, composing and performing Shamanic music in South Africa and participating in events with unique musicians. Martin has also worked as a musician with bands like QOTSA and REM during his visits to LA.

Martin now runs his music label, known as Sunyata Records and is a writer for the Huffington Post. During an interview, Martin says that part of his journey has been inspired by both the legends and by the experiences he has had around the world. A jazz drummer is not a very common percussion instrumentalist you would encounter in the music industry. As a jazz drummer, he ended up in Seattle because of how he loved jazz when growing up and how he loved fusion during his high school years. In college, he was a music major and minored in the study of both jazz and classical music, which led him to where he is today.

Martin’s first band was ‘Skin Yard,’ where he discovered his passion for music. It is also where he decided to change his drumming technique and style. He explained that Jack, a member from Skin Yard told him that he needed to hit the drum more aggressively and harder. It was because of this radical suggestion that Martin is the drummer that he is today. Barret’s second band was ‘The Screaming Trees’ which he joined two weeks after ‘Skin yard’ broke up. Most of the band’s concerts were based and centered in Seattle, where rock ‘n’ roll was common. However, joining ‘The Screaming Trees’ Martin realized that they were connected/contracted to a major label known as Epic Records. Martin revealed that most of the money that was earned as part of royalties and wages were put into the records, so the band had to go on tours to be able to support themselves constantly.

The album Dust and Sweet Oblivion were records that were extremely famous, the former was a record of the year, whereas the latter was more commercially well-known. Martin also believes that the production of the songs impacts the popularity of it. Writing good songs and capturing their energy is what is missing in most of the music that is written today. The core of Martin’s music lies in being able to give jazz music what was never attempted or accomplished before.

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