Tap Dancing As An Instrument – Sarah Reich

Over the years, many types of instruments have been used to create unique sounds and music. Tap music is by far the most creative types of music to be used in an album. Sarah Reich is a Tap dancer, who realized that tap dancing is a form of music, seldom used these days. With the release of her debut album ‘New Change’, Reich has paired with many different jazz artists to compile a great album. The album consists of a range of percussive taps that are followed by a group of jazz musicians. The music that is included in the album is named and dedicated to master jazz musicians and tap dancers. With the release of her album, Sarah Reich helped people realize that tap dancing is a form of music by itself and can also be composed by fellow tap dancers.

The Story Behind Sarah Reich

Sarah Reich always had a dream of making music when she was younger, with help from her father- who exposed her to jazz when she was younger. Sarah found her interest in Jazz along with her passion for Tap dancing. During dance recitals Reich found herself replaying her moves with a rhythmic melody in her head. She once spoke at an interview, about her love for the jazz music created by an artist known as ‘Tito Puente.’ Hailing from a family with origins in New Mexico on her mother’s side, Sarah was constantly exposed to the Latin music that her grandmother always played. This fueled Reich’s burning passion for music and dance.

Along with her good friend Danny Janklow, Sarah Reich created her first song titled ‘Gemini Vibe.’ Danny was a saxophonist; he and Reich would contribute ideas by scatting melodies and rhythms while they made music and then put them together in perfect unison. Many of her musical pieces are dedicated to loved ones and musicians. During an interview, she talked about how she wanted everyone to know and experience what she experienced through musicians who inspired her and tap dancing. Some of the musicians that Sarah Reich’s songs are dedicated to are:

  • Ted Louis Levy
  • Arthur Duncan
  • Ivery Wheeler
  • Jason Samuels Smith
  • Brenda Bufalino
  • Dianne “Lady Di” Walker
  • Harold Cromer

Sarah revealed that she knew each of these artists personally and they were her live and in-flesh heroes; especially Harold Cromer. Harold Cromer is a Tap dancer who has been her mentor for a decade. She met Dianne Walker- more formally known as Lady Di- at a Tapfest where she spent a week with her. ‘For Chance’ is dedicated to Chance Taylor, a friend, and mentor of Reich. She revealed upon the release of the song that she modified the 6/8 and set the tune to make it sound like a heartbeat. Chance Taylor was the subject of the song, and the music was designed to capture the mental state that chance was in. Sarah explained that she had created a first and second track to create a polyrhythm, which conveys the feeling and emotion in the song.

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