Spanish Group of Dancers to Perform Flamenco at McAninch

The Spanish race is well known for their carefree and festive tendencies. One of these such behaviors is dancing. Dancing is the heart and soul of Spain. Their most well-known dance is the salsa. The salsa is done in pairs, with the female being adorned with flowing dresses with frills or short skirts. The entire dance is a series of fast movements accompanying equally fast music. The dance is only one of such famous dances in Spain.


Flamenco is a dance that originated and is famous in the Spanish region of Andalusia. It is similar to another dance that is known as the ‘Gitano’ or the ‘Gypsy.’ The dance- Flamenco- is comprised of three parts which are known as the Cante, Toque and the Baile. The Cante is the song, the Toque is the guitar, and the Baile is another word for dance. Flamenco dancing is not reserved only to music; it can be danced to the sound of clapping hands which is called the “toque de Palmas” One of the most prominent parts of the flamenco is the castanet. The castanet is an instrument that the dancers play while they perform. The instrument is small and can be held in a dancer’s hand. The castanet is known for its snapping and clicking sounds.

The flamenco is a dance full of passion, love, and life and it requires a lot of energy, as it is comprised of multiple advanced and sophisticated moves. The dance involves a lot of poise along with a lot of hip movements. The flamenco dance strictly follows ancient traditions, but the use of guitars and other instruments during a performance have become more popular. During the performance or dance, many flamenco dancers find themselves expressing their emotions through their body and face. Kicking feet and clapping hands are also a part of the performance.

Eduardo Guerrero

Guerrero has recently been added to the list of top 25 dancers that everyone should look out for. He is extremely famous for his dancing style, which comprised of a classic and contemporary technicality. For a choreography Guerrero was awarded first prize by professional conservatories, the choreography was named “Mayo.”

Eduardo and his crew, a group of six musicians and dancers, perform several different styles and types of flamenco, which is a musical and rhythmic dance. The performance lasts for 90 minutes, during which multiple kinds of contortions, ballet, and Spanish dance moves are displayed.

Eduardo Guerrero began his passion for dancing when he was at the age of six. He was encouraged to perform by his mom, who used to drop him off at the dance academy while she dropped off his older brothers at football. Eduardo participated in dance competitions just for fun, but then he realized that with the prize money he could help his mother raise the family. According to the lead dancer, Eduardo Guerrero, the most complex aspect of the flamenco dance is the audience. Each audience is different than the other, having different interests and different choices in music.

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