Pairing the Fiddle with the Cello – Scottish Dance Music

Irish, Celtic and Scottish music are usually accompanied by fiddlers. The traditional music has a unique sound that is rarely paired with a Cello. To think that a fiddle can be paired with a cello is an unknown concept until you meet the brilliant American cellist Natalie Hass. Two decades ago, the American met the Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser.

Bringing A Bit of History to The Present

Together the duo has been able to unearth the 18th-century pairing of the cello and the fiddle to create dance music and revive it in today’s music scene. The combination of the two back in the day was called the ‘Wee-fiddle and the Big-fiddle’; quite a unique name for a unique concept. The pairing was very common in Glasgow and Aberdeen is the past but has rarely been used in today’s music scene.

The combination of the cello and the fiddle was prevalent in pubs and dance halls back in the 18th century; making it a traditional sound originating from Scotland. The pair takes pride in bringing back classical music to the present and presenting audiences with rhythmic dance music from Scotland. Today, the cello and the fiddle are placed at the back of the orchestra. However, with Natalie and Fraser combined, the music is now taking front and center stage. Fraser was so inspired by the historical significance of the music and the revival of traditional Scottish dance music, that he offers summer camps in California. The camp began in 1984 and is a weeklong event where students participate in learning and mastering the fiddle.

The Heart of The Music

The two musicians sync beautifully with both their instruments and their passion for Scottish music. They seem to even communicate through their music to form ethereal emotions. While Hass maintains a sturdy rhythm, Fraser takes the high notes and bring the pieces crashing to become a steady, rapid music composition. The clarity and the crispness of the music are beautiful and leave every listener with goosebumps. The duo had met in fiddle school where Alasdair Frasier heard Haas for the first time. The union was just destiny, and the music they were able to unearth was heavenly.

As a band, the duo feels that they can bring so much to the table. Their hope of bringing traditional music to today’s listeners and keeping it alive has won the hearts of many. They play in concert at several places at usually ticketed events that sell out in no time. The duo has over a million views on youtube and a great following of six thousand fans on Facebook. As their popularity rises, the music they offer matures and warms. Working as a self-sufficient pair, they get a lot of positive reviews from the press. The rare and unique musical experience is the birthchild of their classy and inspiring chemistry on stage. Fans who want to get a feel of their music there are several shows that they perform throughout the year at different venues in the united states.

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