New Rhythmic Debut Takes Front Stage – RiverShine

New bands are always popping up from time to time with some promising music these days. With the growing network of musicians able to network from anywhere in the world, the competition to get to the top is also a challenge for new and aspiring musicians to make aggressive music. One form of music that many artists choose that is easy to gain popularity with is rhythmic dance music. Dance music played in clubs, and music festivals are a huge crowd pleaser, and both the artists and the audiences thrive on the attention the music gets.

While searching for new bands who promise to deliver great music for a long time to come instead of one-hit-wonders, few groups can pass the litmus test. RiverShine is a brand new band that hails from Louisville. Their music is catchy, tight and incredibly addictive – all the qualities needed for a promising group. Their debut single called ‘The Lover’ is already gaining music popularity amongst the throngs of audiences who have subscribed to their channels on social media websites. The new song is available for download on various streaming services and the radio as well.

Some huge names are behind the production and release of the song. Therefore, the audiences have been quite impressed with the result as well. You know that when the master of million-dollar artists has mastered a song is behind the song, that it’s sure to be a hit. That’s right, the master Sal Oliveri who promotes Pink and Kenny Chesney is the man behind the mastering. Mark Slaughter, from the band called ‘Slaughter’ from the 90’s also produced the song.

Expect the Unexpected

From the first-ever digital release of the debut, there has been an onslaught of positive emotions coming from the audiences around the world. Over 30,000 downloads are what the internet has given the song in a matter of days. Every person who has heard the song once, always claims that they could never stop with just once and replayed it several times, until it became one of their breakfast anthems.

Up to now, the band have only been touring the Louisville area and have been performing at several locations. However, in 2018, their entire career took flight and the band does not seem to have a blip in their radar for miles to come. The musical talents and inclinations of the band members are diverse. It is quite remarkable how they have succeeded in bringing together their unique personalities and found a common platform to blend and mash what they each bring to the table. With the experience of playing with several bands in the past, every member of the group has a unique set of capacities and skill that they have been able to offer RiverShine.

When the members got together and launched RiverShine, little, did they know that the simple dreams of a single would catapult their careers for years to come?

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