Monumental Dance Moves in Movies

Movies are the best type of entertainment for the typical couch potato. Dancing is a beautiful hobby for those who are incredibly flexible and feel a significant connection to music. Occasional dances that take part in certain scenes are known to have explosive effects towards an audience. In some cases, it has also made a movie more entertaining and cooler. A dance scene in a serious movie can instantly lighten up a mood or make it more intense depending on the style you use. The use of a dance battle or a dance step in a comedy movie can sometimes make the audience burst out laughing. Included below are some of the most memorable dance scenes from movies.

White Chicks (2004) – The Dance Off

The first dance in our list is the dance-off that takes place in the movie ‘White Chicks.’ The storyline follows the reporting of two African Americans who are to dress up as white girls to draw out a kidnapper. However the plan goes west, the agents eventually participate in a dance battle and complete moves that women don’t usually do; making it indeed a memorable scene in the movie.

Final Dance – Dirty Dancing

This scene consists of two lovers/dancer who takes part in a show. The scene features them dancing a wild dance with teasing stares and fluid movements. Much of the audience reveals that their heart stopped, and they imagined themselves dancing, making this scene one of the most memorable dances. The rhythmic dance is now part of most weddings for the first dance as couples or at any iconic dance recitals.

West Side Story – America

The scene follows the actors Rita Moreno and George Chakiris who play some of the characters in a west side story. The movie is filled with fantastic choreography; the most memorable is when the two main characters dance unexpectedly with each other. The energy and passion that is expressed throughout this dance will leave you tapping your feet in time with the beat while holding your heart to your throat.

Swing Time – Never Gonna Dance

This is by far one of the most memorable dance scenes to be included in musicals. Featuring Astaire and Rogers, this scene depicts the love that is portrayed by the two actors/dancers. The scene begins with Astaire and Rogers walking out onto the dance floor. The scene quickly shifts to Rogers mimicking Astaire’s movements as though she was a mirror. The whole scene features the burning sexual tension between the two characters and the love they have for each other.

Stormy Weather – Jumpin’ five

The scene features the ‘Nicholas brothers’, famous for their tap-dancing skills. Their fanbase included the renowned tap dancer, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly, who always admired their mirroring and tapping skills. The scene in this movie consists of a dance that is remarkably similar to a victory dance, tapping across pianos and sliding down staircases.

Broadway melody of 1940’ – Begin the Beguine

This scene features three of the old greats, Cole Porter, Eleanor Powell, and Fred Astaire. The duet in this scene is said to be extremely explosive and fast. The dancing consists of a synchronized storm of turns and twists, so fast that your eyes cross. Both of the actors are perfectly synced and complete the choreography with ease, that you can’t help but wonder if they are even human.

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