Dance Music Albums That Have Significant Influence – Four Decades of Dance Music

The last few decades have not just experienced massive growth in electronic music, but we have witnessed how it has inspired culture and defined lives. Then, electronic dance music came by and completely changed the way anyone has ever enjoyed music before.

It does not matter the kind of genre that people prefer, as long as the music that they listen to is the most popular and authentic to its unique nature. Dance music lovers find inspiration from artists who can provide a unique beat that blends with music that is exciting and incredibly progressive. There are a few albums in dance music history that has completely transformed the minds of music lovers around the world. These albums are the cornerstones in setting the trend for any other music that followed suit.

  • 1960s

White Noise ‘An Electric Storm

Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson compiled the album. They were not recognized in their lifetime, but they were recruited later by an American electronic music engineer to use the techniques to develop the album. The sounds that the album offers enhancement of senses through cosmic weirdness and swooshes from the synthesizer, to create a complete futuristic album.

  • 1970s

Love to Love You Baby

Donna Summer brought out this album that entirely features the song with the same name. The song was instrumental in inspiring thousands of dancefloor music albums that were created after it. The album is said to be one of the greatest disco and dance albums of all time.

Trans-Europe Express

The album was the first to use machine-generated music completely. Kraftwerk was the band behind the album, and they are known as the inventors of electro-pop. The critical feature of the album is its simplicity in music and an introduction to house and techno music to the world.

  • 1980s

World of Echo

The album was mastered by Arthur Russell, a genius who changed the world with his music. Arthur lived a short life, but in his time brought out powerful music that set the trend for the rest of the world. Just like several great inventors, he did not see the success of his creation till after his passing. His music genius has played a very vital role in influencing musicians even today such as Kanye West.

  • 1990s


Hushed vocals and Balearic beats follow the beautiful, alluring voice of Bjork who brought her first album to the world. ‘Debut’ is an album that transformed the club culture from an intense level. Bjork brought music such as trip-hop, house, and techno to the world.

  • 2000s


Daft Punk, the men behind the helmets, brought out their first album in the last ’90s and went on to become popular during the 2000s. Dance music was at the core of their production, and they wrote the style and template for dance music to be followed for decades to follow.

  • 2010s

James Blake

Artist and creator, James Blake, created the album by the same name. The music compiled offers the future of dubstep and created a whole new revolution in dance music. The dance music landscape had taken a change a few years earlier with dubstep, and James Blake changed the face yet again to something spectacular.

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