Combining Advanced Improvisions and Rhythm to Create Dance-Jazz Music

Jazz music in its earliest times revolved heavily around rhythmic dance moves in a subdued setting. However, over time, jazz became one for the listener and the dancer in you to be reduced to foot-tapping specialists. The dance-music roots have been seeing better days over the last year, and thanks to contemporary artists such as Makaya McCraven and Shabaka Hutchings are taking the music back to its original base.

Makaya McCraven brought together several music geniuses from around the globe to intertwine jazz with some of the most advanced provisions to take it back to its roots in dance. His 11-piece band consisted of jazz stars and drives funk and hypnotic reggae into a groove to find a step in. The crowds love the result and the tremendous support that his concert received at the New York show was astounding.

The desire to make audiences move to the music in every sense is what the driving factor behind the initiative has been all about. While McCraven had little in mind to try and revive jazz music, the accidental and co-incidental wave that has formed from his creation has created a storm. His main aim was to bring dance music to the multitudes, and that is precisely what he delivered and more. McCraven has always been inspired by dance music from the last 80 years, and he used it to motivate his latest showcase.

Over time, jazz had become the music that was left to be appreciated and not danced to. The music from hip-hop and electronic dance music was taking over the world at a fast pace. However, when looking at jazz from an artist’s point of view and culminating it with different styles of music, the off chance of creating dance music that works for the current era has been made possible. Several artists have tried mixing jazz with other forms of music in earlier times. However, few have been able to keep up with the constantly changing music genres that are already popular.

McCraven and his set of star-studded artists have finally been able to piece in the puzzle to make jazz music stick with the current generation. The work heavily revolves around keeping the most important aspects of dance club music in mind and ensuring that jazz music is steadily improvised with the right amount of rhythm. With a backbeat, it is difficult to bring jazz to the forefront. Therefore, not many artists attempt the suicide mission. However, Makaya was one of the brave ones who set out to try the mix and saw immense success. The New York concert showed audiences around the world how timeless jazz is and how with the right clout it can find its blend into today’s progressive music genre. Apart from pre-planned music pieces that the band was able to bring together, the artists tried to start completely at the mercy and artistic impression of each of their talents and found that it worked, and the crowds loved it.

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