A Spicy Mix of Music and Dance at the Salsa Clubs in Cali

Salsa is a famous dance in Columbia. Cali, a city in Columbia, is well-known and dedicated to the dance and the music is simply fabulous. In Cali there is no specific time for dancing, often the dancing will start in the afternoon and never stop until everyone is aching and tired. The salsa clubs that are also available throughout the area are well known for their late-night salsa parties and for the traditional salsa dancers, who simply love the music with all their hearts.

When partying in a salsa club, it is essential that you know which type of salsa dance music to look out for. Depending on your style and energy levels, you can choose between the old and traditional music, and the new acrobatic and energetic version. Numerous people in Cali prefer the regular version to the more modern version, so it is essential that before choosing your salsa partner that you first find out what type of salsa they dance.

The Rhythmic Dance Music Brought by Sailors

Salsa is a dance that can be found everywhere from New York to other famous locations. A renowned salsa historian told many individuals about how sailor bought new trends from all over the world. And it wasn’t long before Columbian sailors introduced Colombians to the music that is hugely rhythmic.

Not long after the return of the Columbia sailors, clubs known as ‘Salsatecas’ appeared in Cali. Many bands also joined together to create salsa dances and salsa music. In terms of the development of the dance itself, the step pachanga consists of side-to-side steps that make the majority of the dance. The Cali style salsa is a mixture of the pachanga, the boogaloo and the charanga which are all from entirely different places altogether.

Over the time following its creation and development the Cali style salsa continued to change and evolve. Acrobatics in salsa was first introduced by the founder of the school of dance known as ‘Swing Latino,’ his name was Luis Eduardo Hernandez. One of the legendary and most frequented salsa club in Cali is ‘NellyTeca.’ This club was fitted with loud salsa music and a dance floor full of people.

The beautiful music is not limited to only the youngest of adults, but also the elderly. At NellyTeca finding a senior is a common sight. The salsa clubs are always fitted with a bar and an enormous dance floor, perfect for the large crowds that dance till they drop. The traditional Cali style dance shows immense respect to the women who participate in the dance. Traditions show that the woman does not need to be dropped to the floor and put in the air by her foot.

There are many ‘Salsatecas’ that are dedicated and made for specific audiences. An example of a salsa club such as this is the Viejoteca. This ‘Salsateca’ is dedicated to those who perform only the traditional Cali style salsa and is mainly visited only by elderly and more traditionally professional couples. The style of salsa varies depending on the type of club that you are attending. The united states utilize steps with fast movements that move forward and backward, whereas the Cali styles include rapid movement of your hips and feet with moving side-to-side.

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