What are the Signs that Your Workout Routine is Ineffective?

The most obvious would be not seeing the results as you intended them to be in the first place. Many people these days are hitting the gym in order to stay fit, but they find themselves not seeing the results they are expecting. The only thing that may be holding them back from seeing the results are either they are hurrying to see them or they are doing something counterproductive. And when study after study have been conducted to see why there is a high number of gym-goers that do not have any improvement, the reason is more on the latter – the kind of lifestyle that they live through daily.

Not seeing any results. It doesn’t matter whether your goals are to lose weight or not, it is considered the solid meter associated with success. If you find that your workouts are not helping you in any way anymore in attaining your goals that you have set before yourself, it is the time that you evaluate your fitness routine again.

You always feel tired. Experts say that this is the result of training too much. If you are always tired and feel fatigued even if you have already worked out a good amount of it, there is a high chance that you are exercising way too much or you are spending way too much time exercising in very high intensities. An easy way to make sure that your body doesn’t go overtraining is by tracking your heart rate at rest. If you find that it starts to increase over time, this means that you need to cut back on your exercise a bit and give the body more time to recover and rest.

Performance is suffering. This is another sign linked to overtraining. If you see that your performance is declining, it is highly likely that you are pushing your body way too far beyond its limits. If this is the case, you have to evaluate your goals again and then reformulate your plans that are more effective wherein you get to take a rest and let your body recover from the intense workout you’ve gone through.

You are always injured. Some gym-goers find themselves always injured and have no idea why they are. This is another result of overtraining, which results to affecting your performance than getting injured. When this happens, you need to define the cause of your injury so that you will not be repeating the same mistake that caused it.

You barely feel anything different. In other gym-goers, they call this as a ‘burn’ that wells up within their body. They feel that their exercise is bearing fruit when they feel hot within. However, when you don’t feel anything like this, it only means that you are not working out enough. You have to put a balance between under training and over training. You do not want to do the latter as it will affect your body’s performance or even getting injured, and at the same time, you don’t want to exercise less as this will yield little to no results at all.

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